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We'd love for you to enjoy some of the recent podcasts that Kelly has been featured on.  

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Stronger than Autoimmune Podcast

Dealing with L.E.M Syndrome, Mid Life and More: An Interview with Kelly Majdan (S.2 Epi.58


Phantom Electric Ghost Podcast

Interview with Kelly Majdan: Author|Speaker|Wellness Advisor "How we limit ourselves when we say "I'm too old for...(fill in the blank)"

Screenshot 2023-10-11 201817.png

The Wealth@Work Show

Motivational Interviewing Techniques with Kelly Majdan

Screenshot 2023-10-11 202925.png

Yeukai Business Show

Episode 548: Kelly Majdan | Wellness in Business: Empowering Busy Entrepreneurs to Thrive in Health and Finances

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Real. Raw. Truth.

S2E12: Lessons from the Obstacle Course

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