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Lessons from the Obstacle Course

Five Strategies to Conquer the Muddy Fields of Life


We encounter challenges every day. How we approach and tackle them is what sets us apart from others. Will we rise to the challenge, or will we hang our heads in defeat? 


Lessons from the Obstacle Course

Five Strategies to Conquer the Muddy Fields of Life

From the viewpoint of an obstacle course, Kelly takes you through the five strategies we tend to encounter throughout our lives: Recovery, Discovery, Persistency, Creativity, and Collaboration. From this perspective, she weaves in humor with a healthy dose of reality to provide antidotes on how to overcome the challenges we face not only on race day, but also throughout our lives.

Walking you through her family’s eight-year, & still going, journey of obstacle course races she shares with you why they were so integral to her husband’s recovery from brain surgery, the aging process, raising a family, starting a business, and overcoming other health issues. 

The five strategies you will be guided through:
•    Recovery: Identify what you are healing from and what goals will help you succeed
•    Discovery: Find your purpose to decide what to take on and what to walk around
•    Persistency: Understand when pure grit is the only way you will reach your goals
•    Creativity: Challenge your imagination to find new ways to overcome an obstacle 
•    Collaboration: Recognize when teamwork is needed in order to accomplish the task

Armed with these five strategies from Lessons from the Obstacle Course as your training guide, get ready to take on and conquer any obstacle you encounter on the muddy fields in life!


When I first started reading, I immediately jumped to a place in time when I'd considered doing obstacle course races. I enjoyed reading about Kelly and her family's experiences with it, but this book is so much more than her personal experiences doing these tough competitions. The lessons she learned from the OCRs and shares with the readers transcend to life and the struggles and obstacles we encounter every day. This is a MUST READ for everyone! And who knows? Maybe it'll spark your interest in getting involved in these fun events.
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Lessons from the Obstacle Course
Guide Book

Just like you would prepare for any race, or any other challenge that you wish to take on, you need to prepare, to break down what it will take to get you there, then plan and chart your course. The following guide will take you through a brief overview of the five strategies discussed in my book and will give you some questions to ponder.  These are not necessarily meant to be done in the order presented unless it makes sense for you to do so. Start where you feel drawn to. Follow your intuition. You will get much better results when you go with the flow rather than swimming upstream.

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